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carbon fiber new products—Carbon fiber space suit

Carbon fiber space suit After all, no one has any experience in landing on Mars. NASA itself seems to be a bit confused about the design and testing of this new spacesuit. In order to develop aviation suits that can cope with the Mars expedition, NASA has publicly solicited ideas and suggestions for the selection [...]

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Carbon fiber composites make airplanes lighter

On November 6th, at the biennial Zhuhai Air Show, the CR929, a 280 long-range wide-body aircraft developed by China and Russia, made its debut at the International Air Show with a 1:1 display prototype. Composites are expected to exceed 50% in this latest generation of large aircraft. Similarly, on the C919, which flew for the [...]

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Do you know carbon fiber composites?

Carbon fiber materials rely on their unique performance advantages - high specific strength, high specific modulus, wear resistance, electrical conductivity, long-term stress without creep and fatigue, good X-ray permeability, dimensional stability, small thermal expansion coefficient, resistance Corrosion, high temperature resistance, etc., has become one of the reinforcing fibers with wide performance and many uses. It [...]

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New!China has mastered the core technology of T1000 grade carbon fibers

Zhang Shouchun, a researcher at Shanxi Institute of Coal Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, undertook the key deployment project of the Chinese Academy of Sciences - Preparation of T1000 ultra-high strength carbon fibers, which passed the acceptance of experts organized by the Chinese Academy of Sciences last week. The team has successfully broken through the [...]

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carbon fiber new products-carbon fiber cars

Enter carbon fiber era, car carbon fiber Automotive carbon fiber: Also known as automotive carbon fiber, it refers to some materials made of carbon fiber woven or multi-layer composite. Because it is light and hard, it is very versatile. Currently mainly used on the outer casing and parts. Automotive carbon fiber is light, safe and [...]

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Carbon Fiber Home Concept

Many furniture can be made of carbon fibers, including chandeliers, chairs, tables, sofas, stairs and so on. Carbon fibre chairs are the most common type of furniture compared with other carbon fibre furniture. Many designers draw inspiration from life to make various innovative carbon fibre chairs. For example, Marcel Vanders, a Dutch designer known as [...]

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Advantages and disadvantages of carbon fiber floor heating

Advantages and disadvantages of carbon fiber floor heating advantage: More than 30% energy saving than the heating cable of the traditional metal material heating element. It is lighter than traditional metal heating cable. The long-fiber carbon fiber precursor is an inorganic non-metallic material that does not oxidize. In the common model of Toho State, the [...]

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customized ID 26mm carbon fiber 3K camouflage tube

customized ID 26mm carbon fiber 3K camouflage tube Product name  customized ID 26mm carbon fiber 3K camouflage tube Material: 100% carbon fiber Outer Diameter: 28mm as your request Inner Diameter : 26mm as your request Length: as your request (the regular model length is 1000mm) Surface Finish: High glossy / matte Patterns: 3K plain weave ,3K twill weave ,unidirection Color: camouflage or as your request Application: Sport, Hunting etc MOQ: 1pcs High strength,Light weight,Corrosion resistance,High pressure resistance ,high compressive strength etc. Sample policy: We provide free samples for you checking We are capable of making the surface as : 3K Plain Weave    3K Twill Weave GlossyFinish         MatteFinish  Zibo Zhongdu Trade Co.,Ltd are engaged in manufacture and marketing all kinds of carbon fiber [...]

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professional manufacture carbon fiber telescoping tubes manufacturers from China

1. Where are you located? We are located in Zibo city, Shandong Province, close to Qingdao port. 2. Do you accept small / sample order? And lead time? Sample order are available, lead time according factory production plan, uauslly 3-30 days. 3. Your quotation does not meet my target price. We can propose material, accessories [...]

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high compressive strength carbon fiber square  rod for sale

high compressive strength carbon fiber square  rod for sale Product Description Product name custom high compressive strength carbon fiber square rod Material 100% carbon fiber outside Sizes 31*33*1000 Shape square Length: 1000mm or as per your request Surface Finish High glossy / matte Patterns 3K plain weave ,3K twill weave ,unidirection Color Black or as per your request Advantage high strength,light weight,corrision resistance Application Drone ,RC Hobby , helicopters motorsport and marine Zibo [...]

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