Carbon fiber materials rely on their unique performance advantages – high specific strength, high specific modulus, wear resistance, electrical conductivity, long-term stress without creep and fatigue, good X-ray permeability, dimensional stability, small thermal expansion coefficient, resistance Corrosion, high temperature resistance, etc., has become one of the reinforcing fibers with wide performance and many uses. It is widely used in aerospace, satellite, precision instruments, civil, rocket, aircraft, X-ray equipment, medicine and other fields.

So far, the carbon fiber reinforced composite materials being applied in China are mainly thermosetting composite materials based on epoxy resin. However, due to the defects of the matrix resin itself, the carbon fiber reinforced thermosetting composite materials directly affect the high temperature wet state. The mechanical performance in the environment has obstacles in meeting the needs of high-end applications.

Since the development of thermoplastic composite materials in the early 1970s, they have received more and more attention from all countries, and related research and applications are very active. Aerospace, aviation, automotive, chemical, electronic and electrical fields are all areas where thermoplastic composites are applied and developed rapidly. Especially in the past 10 years, the annual consumption has increased by 25%, and the development speed is several times higher than that of thermosetting composite materials.

Compared with thermosetting carbon fiber composites, thermoplastic carbon fiber composites have the following application advantages: high toughness, large damage tolerance, good dielectric constant, convenient maintenance, similar processing characteristics of metal, and low cost. From the perspective of production process, the storage period of raw materials of thermoplastic carbon fiber composite materials is not limited, no low-temperature storage, short molding cycle, large-scale special equipment such as autoclave is not required for molding, especially its good recyclability The characteristics of sex, recyclability, reusability and non-polluting environment are well adapted to the environmental requirements of the material industry in today’s world.

In the short term, the large-volume market application of carbon fiber thermoplastic composites is not yet mature, and there is still a large area of application market to be developed, but with the process and quality stability of carbon fiber thermoplastic composite products, product serialization, standardization and other countries The gap between similar technologies and other aspects is shrinking. I believe that as long as we closely follow the huge demand of emerging industries, seize the opportunities for development, continue to advance the technological progress of raw material production, increase the research on carbon fiber thermoplastic composite materials system, processing technology and application level, and improve With the support of serialized product development and market cultivation, China’s domestic carbon fiber thermoplastic composites industry is bound to usher in a new stage of development.