Do not use carbon fiber in thunderstorms?

The appearance of carbon fiber bismuth in China is nearly 10 years later than that of fiberglass enamel. It is a new type of carp that appeared in China in the 1990s. Carbon fiber bismuth is superior to glass fiber enamel. The outstanding point is that carbon fiber rod is particularly light, and its carbon fiber rod of the same length is lighter than glass fiber rod. A 5 meter long carbon fiber crucible weighs only 300 grams and is particularly convenient and lightweight to use.

Carbon fiber reinforced plastic is made of high-tech carbon fiber. There are two main types of raw materials for the production of carbon fibers: one is polyacrylonitrile-based fibers, pitch-based carbon fibers; the other is rayon-based carbon fibers. These raw materials are characterized by high strength, heat resistance, light weight, corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity and heat conduction. The inadequacy is that its characteristics are conductive, and another deficiency is that the texture is brittle and the toughness is poor.

If you encounter thunderstorms during fishing, if the carbon fiber raft is too long, it is prone to lightning strikes. If there is a high voltage line above the fishing ground, fishing is not safe. If you accidentally touch the exposed high-voltage power line, an electric shock will occur. These accidents have occurred everywhere. Therefore, be careful when using carbon fiber rafts, avoid high-voltage wires, and do not use carbon fiber rafts during thunderstorms.

Glass fiber and carbon fiber composite

The carbon-coated crucible is made of glass fiber cloth as the main raw material, but a carbon fiber cloth is added to the outside of the glass fiber cloth. Glass fiber and carbon fiber composite enamel are made by combining these two materials for resin prepreg. Most of them are carbon fiber as the main raw material, and some glass fiber cloth is added as appropriate. This kind of enamel is characterized by lighter weight than pure glass fiber shovel, which adds toughness and elasticity to pure carbon fiber.