Carbon fiber suitcases have been researched and developed by the composite materials industry in recent years. The process has been continuously improved, and new products are constantly updated. Recently, an ultra-light cool thermoplastic plastic carbon fiber trolley case has been used. The materials are all top aerospace, automobile and sports. Supplies and other fields.

Carbon fiber products have low density and high strength. Its specific gravity is 1.6g/cm3, which is only one quarter of steel. It is very convenient for transportation and construction.

Carbon fiber products are resistant to acid and alkali salts, corrosion resistant, anti-aging, long service life, and superior to other metals.

Carbon fiber products have excellent water resistance and aging resistance, so they can be used in corrosive, humid and open air environments with a life span of more than 15 years.

The carbon fiber suitcase is made of a combination of an aluminum-magnesium alloy skeleton and an aviation-grade carbon fiber material, achieving a perfect balance of weight and sturdiness.

The cabinet is made of aerospace racing-grade carbon fiber and bullet-proof Kevlar material. It is hand-built to ensure the cabinet is light and at the same time creates a ten-fold stronger than steel. It is the lightest of its kind. The most sturdy suitcase.

Its hardness level reaches 9B, and it is resistant to falling level: the empty suitcase is thrown from the height of 10 meters to the concrete floor, and the suitcase body is free from damage and cracks.


Empty suitcase bearing more than 150 kg, no dents and cracks

360 degree steering wheel, using ball bearings, steering mute, smooth and smooth, long service life.

The embedded international TSA customs lock is safe and reliable.